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Art Gallery


JANUARY 8th - January 13th

Opening night: January 8th | 4pm - 8pm


IG: @highlyfavoredart



Kendrick Rudolph, is the creator of Highly Favored Art. As a self taught artist, his mind is most clear when he has a paintbrush in hand. Over the last 8 years Kendrick has grown from a Business College grad who needed to decorate my his own walls, to now commissioning art for friends and art supporters across the country.  Kendrick hopes to continue expanding his creative mediums, and inspiring others to do what they love.


Quel Hynson is a multidisciplinary artist from Houston, Texas. Having grown up with heavy emphasis on music and food in multicultural environments her appreciation for community and nature grew immensely. Throughout her life, Hynson has always been intrigued by the intersectionality of culture and tradition, naturally drawn to art. Her work explores the malleability of boundaries as a means to disrupt traditional concepts. Her current work has been an exploration of how multiple mediums of art intersect by bleeding realism with abstract shapes and forms - utilizing both to tell stories of humor and healing.


IG: @thequelhynson


IG: @Soul.vanna


Geisha is an artist who is a Houston Native. As an artist she understands that there are no limits with creation. One thing she has learned through her journey is to not place limits on herself and creation. She chose her name through the teaching of her grandma who once lived in Japan for ten years. In honor of that, she lives by the meaning of “Geisha” which is to be art and an artist is their art. Through her personal work she has conveyed messages that although may be personal towards her they are relatable to many. In the two pieces displayed ‘Rise’ and ‘Wings’ she hits the concept of perception with how it can be guided and how dark our realties can get. She displays expressionism in abstract concepts, and she does not believe in following any artistic trend or placing any labels on her creations. Geisha does not shy away from any medium. As a growing artist, she has created murals, large center piece canvases, accent canvases, custom skateboard decks, custom clothing and school displays. Currently she is working on a multimedia project that will incorporate work of her own and other artists to convey a collection of messages.


Marie Mays is a Houston native artist, entrepreneur, nurse, and author. Her versatile style of art spans from abstract art to digital art to portrait paintings. Merging her healthcare roots with her calling for creativity, Mays’ founded Hues in Healthcare to cultivate health, healing, and wholeness through the expression of art. Through biblical references and faith influenced artwork, she is making a stance by integrating creativity and Christ.


IG: @huesinhealthcare / @iammariemays


IG: @artbyquentin


Quentin Cleaves places his roots in Memphis, TN but has made Houston his home for the past six years. Quentin is an artist and graphic designer among his greater roles as a minister, husband and father. He truly attributes his skillset as a gift from God. He has been drawing and painting as long as he can remember. He explores all mediums, genres, and aesthetics. He chooses not to limit his abilities and challenges himself to learn new techniques and delve into all forms of art. He has been commissioned for art pieces that expands from home décor to commemorative portraits to inspirational movements such as “BLM”. As an entrepreneur, he owns and operates “Elev8 Print and Design” which offers graphics and print mediums in addition to owning his own Christian apparel line in which he is the creator and printer of his own designs. He has also shared his gift with youth as an art educator for the past 17 years. Quentin believes there is no limit to what you can do and create with Jesus being the greatest influence in your life.--


Ms. May’s Collection is a luxury brand that consists of vibrant geode inspired resin and crystal creations on canvas


IG: @MsMaysCollection


IG:  @ew3art


Ewell’s passion for art started in his early childhood and continued throughout his high school years - it still drives him daily. While in high school he developed a love for sculpture and, especially painting, under the helpful direction of his high school teacher. 

Although Ewell did not take what would seem to be the apparent path of exploring his artistic side - going to college to study art - he chose instead to follow the footsteps of his Grandfather and Father by joining the armed forces. To be a third generation soldier seemed only fitting. He served in the United States Army from 2000 to 2004, ending his time in the Army during Operation Iraqi Freedom. 

After returning to Texas and purchasing a home the fires of creativity could not be contained any longer and his artistic passion was reignited in full force. Ewell explores with different media and styles, mixing them together to create something special. He has essentially turned his home into a working museum with an abundance of contemporary and mixed media art beautifully filling the walls. 

Recognition for his art started after posting images on social media networks and eventually landed his first opportunity to show his art in a gallery in Houston, Texas. His abstract style resonates with art lovers which has led to more doors opening for him. He loves what he does and tries to paint every day.

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