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Looking for a place to call home for your events and ideas? Check out our new program. We are launching a new  program that provides a space for entrepreneurs and creatives to help launch their  ideas and or grow existing ones.  Our rates are discounted 30% off. We are looking to select 3 businesses to work with per quarter. '




The silver package allows you to rent the space once a month.

Availability: Monday - Thursday | 9am - 1am

                        Sunday: 9am - 1am



The silver package allows you to rent the space twice a month.

Availability: Monday - Thursday:  9am - 2am

                        Saturday: 9am - 2am

                        Sunday: 9am - 2am

All events will be added to Elevate Creative Studios website events calendar

Every month we will share to our Instagram & Facebook upcoming events for the next month


Being that we have already signidicantly discounted the prices we do not accept deposits for the Residency Program.

To reserve dates balance must be paid in full for up to a minimum of 2 months.

Ex: Silver Package

* If you are planning a event for October 15th and November 15th,

Apply Here
How soon are you looking to start?
What package are you intrested in?
Are you looking to launch a new idea grow a current idea/event ?

Thanks for applying!We’ll get back to you soon.

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